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√    Health Testing on All Parents

√    1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee

   Regionally #1 Ranked in Show, Multiple Awards

√    Internationally #6 Scottish, #23 Allbreed Ranked (Show)

√    TICA Outstanding Cattery Certification

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We strive to bring to your home a healthy, well adjusted pet --  A beautiful kitten whose parents have been in judging arenas:  verified conformationally correct, attractive, tight ears, long flexible tail, and of a temperament that allows strangers (judges) to handle.  Conformation is so important! Are the teeth straight so food is digested correctly?  Are the legs straight (cow hocked or pigeon toed?) to avoid undue damaging pressure on joints?  Is the tail flexible and long, indicating spinal and bone health?   All parents of kittens have these traits to increase the quality of their litters.  Kittens are raised in a household to prepare in all ways for your home (vacuums, dogs, and the rhythm of a busy household).   Most importantly, litters are carefully planned for health (all parents tested for lethal genetic and contagious diseases).  We are a selective and small cattery.   Your kittens parents live cage free as beloved members of our family.   And the Bonus A price point which is about average, often below what other breeders charge...longevity of a well bred kitten is statistically on the side of a well bred, health tested pedigree.  

  PKD & PRA test result      


                                FeLV & FIV test result