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No Pictures of  all Parents on Website

Or pictures of the parents in the home, enjoying day to day life.  

Only a cute picture on instagram with no comprehensive website on the breeder and what they are all about with health testing and showing.  

Or a website with cats and kittens from many different backgrounds, too many kittens you have to wonder how they are being kept, and taken care of!


View the parents also, almost more important than viewing the kitten.  You are checking the cattery for general GOOD health.  Dripping crusty eyes? Sneezing?  

Not well conditioned supple and healthy cats?  Sometimes, with large litters especially, mom might be a little underweight but should still be healthy.

Have the breeder PICK up the kittens, all of them, turning them this way and that, shifting them in their hands, and see how they are handled and if they are scared.  Yes, some kittens are way more outgoing than others, but a cat that acts wild and feral or cowers with fear is easy to spot.

Warning Signs

A lot of kittens.  It takes time and effort to socialize. Or they are a broker.

A broker who sells kittens from other catteries.  They call them "sister" catteries or "imports" from other countries.  You will know nothing about parentage, health, or conditions.  No health guarantees either.

You pick up your kitten at the breeder and it seems lethargic, or underweight, or drippy eyes. Handle your kitten before you leave/pay and look it over.  Leave a sick kitten. The transitional added stress going to your house could kill it.

You have to keep asking for the FeLV, FIV, and PKD tests on the parents...PERSIST!  Get a Look/copy!  These genetic and contagious diseases are the top 3 killers of cats. So easy to avoid heartbreak.

Lastly, language is a little "off".  They may say "advert" or other things that don't ring quite true.  The will only talk though FB...  Instincts, go with it!  Run descriptions through a plagiarize ap, do a reverse lookup of photo's.


Buy now or this kitten will be gone!  

Overpriced or more often, underpriced kittens, making you feel urgent about your purchase.  Constant texting or calls about making the sale.

Scammers steal pictures of other breeders kittens, and make up a website that looks legit.  Get a video of the kitten with your name next to it.

Call TICA.org and ask about breeders you are considering. They are the largest world/USA cat registry.  While I do not show or register with CFA, they are another great resource.

TICA also has an article on spotting scammers:  https://tica.org/cat-lovers/buyer-beware