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This litter is being Offered by Rene

Wakefield, RI

Family Co-Op Hobby Cattery

Lilac and White

Dominate Blue eyes

The Mother

DOB 31 May 2021

The Dominant Blue Eyes (non pointed cats) first appeared in Russia and were tested to be genetically unique.  The Dominate Blue Eyes appears in coat color variations that were previously unheard of, such as the mom to the left, a mostly solid color with white.   The Lilac Color is a relatively rare Color for British Shorthairs, and even more unusual for Scottish Folds.

We will get better pictures in the next few days.  They are still quite young to get good pictures.

All Straight Ears

Lilac Female with white;

Odd Eyes (1 Blue/1 Copper)

$ Private Terms

Left eye looks Blue Green, it will change gradually to Copper.

The Father