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23 January DOB....homes 2 April

White undercoat sifting up to Black Tipped Hair give the Smoke appearance.

Straight Ear Male



The males were photographed together so you can see the differences.  He is darker, and the contrast is dramatic with SPOTS! Imagine the full grown version of this.

He is a bit of a racal and makes us laugh a lot.  He play fluff ups, and sideways stalks his siblings.  He is sassy and beautiful and fun.  And shoots you an innocent look which cracks us up even more.    We think he will have a good size to him, his head is large and full, giving him that pure male look.  He will have his British dads puffy cheeks, like the Cheshire Cat.

General Info About This litter

 This was a large litter for a Scottish Fold, but we have noticed that because of this they are all very socialized as a pack, very good to each other and very sweet.  No one fusses with each other, even when the best tasting food ls laid down, there are manners on display everywhere.  Easy to handle, clip nails, etc... sometimes our human mom carries 4 of us at a time which gives Dad a heart attack.  

Official Part:  Ash, the mom,  walked into the house, and immediately day one had her place.  No fussing.  They possess her sweetness.  And her healthy constitution.  She possess 19 heavily titled parents on her 3 generation pedigree.  Daddy brings his girth and stockiness, and his goober personality.  His pedigree is LOADED!  Both parents are TICA registered as purebreds, as are all cats at eastcoastcats (any of this is provided upon request).  Then they are heavily health screened for Genetic killer diseases.