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Ruth & Logan 

DOB:  18 Jan 2022 

Bred By JJ & Kalee 


MALE Straight Ear

Red Tabby

Available due to contract default 

Active, and fearless.  I play with my siblings and have learned the art of social play, give and take.  I am easy to handle and clip my nails and such, and listen well.  Beautiful head, nice big round eyes, I promise to be a beauty.  My kitten coat, when it goes away, should be like my daddy, plush and satiny.  The will be shades of Red will be striking and shiny.  Like a new Penny?

But now for the official part, my parents are DNA tested "clear" to ensure I would be as healthy as possible and not possess those killer diseases such as PKD.  My mom has 18 Titled parents (CH, Grand Ch, International Ch) on her 3 generation pedigree (snob).  I guess that means she is beautiful.  My Dad Logan is a famous cat, he is a New England Region winner for 2019 and 2020.  They liked him in the show halls, just like I do.   Both are TICA registered to make sure you know they are purebreds. So with judges saying they are all correct and everything, that's means I am too, they wanted to make sure before they let me come into the world.