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DOB 30 May 2019 (29 months old)

Plover is a very socialized female cat.  She has perfect litter box habits and is a well mannered cat in the home.  Very laid back, and not very vocal.  Playful, especially with younger cats.  Gentle and sweet.

She was spayed 23 September 2019

UTD on Shots:

Rabies 9/23/2021

FVRCP 9/23/2021

She has had one litter which she decided she wanted nothing to do with, and lost too much conditioning.  

We spayed her 23 September and are adopting her to the right family.

 She is a Titled Champion, has been handled by judges and strangers and it EASY to handle and carry.

she is about 6 lbs, a deceivingly light cat whose coat makes her look bigger.


She needs brushing at least twice a week.  She, most of the time, cannot be troubled to groom herself.  She LOVES to be brushed.  Even though she is a shorthair, she has a cottony coat with will look unkept and tangled if she is not brushed regularly.  I also trim the hair around her rear end.  If you feed her ANY canned food she has loose poops.  Don't give it to her.  She does not bury her perfect poops (no canned!) most of the time, that is too much trouble for a princess.  She sounds snotty off and on, with flank breathing, especially when drinking, eating and the rare times she grooms, which is the case often for the high quality baby doll faced cats.  She also loves to drink her water off her paw....dip and lick, dip and lick...♥    She has been to my house and my daughters house for extended times, and fights with no one.  She loves the sun.  She loves empty shoes to lay on. She is a perfect litter box user.  

We feel she needs another pound or so to be the plush baby she was before, which will happen with time.  She was 5 lbs after the litter, 5.2 at time of spay, and almost 6 lbs now a month later.  She is GREAT with dogs, lived with a bulldog most of her life.  She is very low key and quiet.  She likes her sunny spots and generally is not a lap cat (note the couch pictures where she interacts/sits next to us).  Sometimes, but not very often, she will go into your lap.

Her spay appointment, and her shipping health certificates were all performed by vets who verified her clear heart and lungs and overall health.  She is PKD, FeLV and FIV tested clear.

The First column pictures were taken today.  Second column was before her litter around the house.  3rd column (grayish blue background) were her show pictures, and it is unrealistic she will look this way unless professionally groomed.  This is provided for the sake of disclosure.   We want her to have her forever home and not be stressed, for you to see her real self, which will me more the middle column of pictures.  There will be a contract stipulating such things as she can never be allowed outside etc...

You will be interviewed if interested as to suitability and asked for references such as a vet phone number.

She does have an adoption fee of $400 to weed out unethical people and Laboratories etc...

Pictures 10/25/2021

Around the house prior to April 2021 (pregnancy)

Show pictures 2019