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Scottish Straight Ear


Chocolate Bi Color

Show /Breeding Quality

He was firstborn, and a great surprise.  We were unaware mother carried Chocolate.  We have wanted a chocolate for sometime and cannot seem to line up the quality with the color.  If he was not related to our male, we would of kept him.  He meets all of our requirements, temperament, conformation, a well balanced Scottish fold with all the roundness milestones checked off, head, eyes, well padded body.  If you press his ears into a fold position (we do this to project show quality roundness) you have the roundness of head that judges look for.  His large, round, expressive eyes give the sweetness and intelligent cast one looks for.  He is a candidate for the show ring, and would contribute greatly to a showing or breeding program which we will consider (not in our region, New England).

We will consider him for a show/breeding home, not in our showing New England region (not competing against ours).  

Another great face for this litter.  

Will be Neutered before departure