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Straight Ear

Chocolate   Spotted


A One of a kind.  The spots are what we are becoming known for.  We carefully selected a couple cats, who after conformationally checking out, we went for the fun aspect, "SPOTS"!

We have watched this baby closely, as the color and quality of her head set resulted on one of the most balanced kittens we have ever seen.  She is sweet, and eye catching.  Her eyes are the perfect "Scottish" owl round, with the perfect measurement of distance between them.  The eyeliner accentuating her face with those forehead stripes give her a very brilliant face and expression.  Her button nose set makes judges go crazy with the baby doll look, soft and pink to accentuate, sitting perfectly balanced to give the sweet expression.   We will consider her for a show/breeding home, not in our showing New England region (not competing against ours).  

She will be spayed before going to a pet home.