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Pre-Birth deposits for Kittens

    Current Deposits

as of 11 May, in order of deposits

  • Deposit good for 1 year
  • All SF litters will be presented
  • Choose to defer or select
  • 1 day turn around once notified
  1. Ja P
  2. Mi P (Chai litter or later)
  3. K C
  4. MP
  5. JI
  6. JI
  7. PC 

Hello Depositees!,
Piper had 6 kittens 3 May (24-31 May ear sets).  12 July or so go home dates.3 Goldens, 3 Silvers
Socks had 2 kittens 12 May,  (2-9 June ear Sets).  21 July or so go home dates.Both Lilac, at least one with white on it and a possible blue eye(s).Blue eyes take about 5 weeks to determine, and are significantly more expensive (see deposit form for prices).
Chai had one 16 May.   (6-13 June ear sets).  25 July or so go home dates.We had a momentary "I am not going to be a mommy" but things have stabilized since then.Black Silver with White.
We need 3-4 Weeks to determine Ear set.  Once Moms allow us  we will check genders, which you will know before the ear set timeline.

Downstream we are possibly, not confirmed yet expecting: 

Our Red Momma to have a litter with Buddy (5 weeks to go)

A silver Momma to have a litter with Logan (7 weeks to go).


Not yet bred, Late Summer/Fall:
Calico, Smoke, and Red Momma to be bred to Buddy the Lilac or Teddy the Cinnamon.

1st and 3rd photo Piper babies, 2nd photo Chai, 3rd photo Socks.