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So you have made the big decision to reserve your kitten, here are some things you need to know:

  • A contract needs to be filled out and returned
  • 50 % deposit is non refundable unless kitten become unavailable
  • You must honor your (Coordinated/Synched with you) time for pickup -- or you risk loosing your deposit  

We strictly enforce the non breeding condition/clause (SPAY / NEUTER)


Provide this to your Vet.  This is what we give at 7.5 weeks and 10 weeks.

If you remember anything -- remember these things:

Kitten is a FRAGILE baby. Please enforce rest periods of a couple hours REST for every hour out and about.  Have fresh water, canned food if you think she is not drinking enough,  kibble, bed, quiet area, and litter box while she is recuperating   We think the pop up pens are great - safe inside and a good tool for introducing to other pets slowly.

Please pre order and have ready Royal Canin pet food.  We provide enough for a few days. Even if you feel strongly about another brand, transition later when kitten is settled and not stressed

DO NOT allow vet to give multiple shots/wormings/etc... at the same time (for instance Rabies with the Rhino-Calci-Pan).  The purpose is to have one stress at a time, and not overwhelm their delicate immune systems.

I always have a few things on hand.  Kitten (KMR) milk to encourage a kitten who is not drinking enough, canned food to temp a loss of appetite,  Probiotics for loose stools (Advita for cats, from Amazon).  Nail clippers.  Clawing station (Sisal rope).  


Contact us for details


Please include 3% fee if you do not use the friend feature