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Blue  Boy  

DOB 18 Jan 2022


Come see him!  

Photo's are not enhanced

Will consider quality breeder inquiries, the Heterochromia Half blue/copper eye and Dominant Blue/Odd eye gene he possessES and Displays is invaluable.

 His mother has produced one in every litter she. has had (2).


Straight Male

Blue and White

Has Rare Blue Eyes

One Eye 2 Colors

Already trained for litterbox, running the house, and laps.


Same Kitten

Even rarer?  One eye is 2 colors (kittens right) called Heterochromia the upper portion, 1/3 or so will be copper, the rest Blue.  The Copper will take 1-2 years to be the brilliant copper.  

The bonus of supplementing a kitten, is they are ALWAYS the most precious lap cuddles ever made.  They, from the constant handling, are super people orientated and identify with people almost more than the litter.  He leaves them for you.  He is putty in your hands.  He goes into ZEN state when you place him on his back and rub his ears.  He is just so easy.  But don't be fooled.  He can play with the best of them.   During the photo shoot today we could not stop laughing.  He stole all of our "kitten attention getting things" (so you can get that frontal picture).  He would roll and play, and the sheer joy he displayed melted us.

His Parents are Buddy the Goober, who Pedigree is Loaded with Grand and International Champions.  His Mother is showing us she is a history making mom.  Her kittens from last year possess show quality conformation and temperament.  His Blue will be the famous British Blue from his British Shorthair ancestry, a nice thick teddy bear like coat.

He is a nail clipping pro and handles like a dream.   

Parents are health checked through DNA for lethal disease and cleared for the top 3 killers of cats.