PKD & FeLV & FIV Testing Completed

December 18, 2019

East Coast Cat

We are proud to state that all cats have had their tests completed.  All are negative and free of genetic and contagious lethal disease.  PKD is a kidney disorder, (50% of kittens inherit) that is detectable by a DNA gene test.  It is a disease that ultimately shuts down kidney function, resulting in death.  Samples are taken and sent to the lab for testing.  We ENCOURAGE buyers to asks for tests of the parents of any kitten you are considering adding to your home, whether it be from us or any other breeder.   We have also had blood drawn and tested for FeLV (Leukemia) and FIV (immune disorder comparable to AIDs).  Highly contagious, almost always lethal.  Yes, testing is a hassle and expensive... but we feel it is the only ethical choice!  Our kittens are being given every opportunity to be healthy and happy -- long  before they were ever created.  Careful planning, because we care.

 ← Pictured left:   Actual negative blood test for FeLV and FIV.  100% lethal and highly contagious disease.

 ↓ Pictured below, Pipers actual PKD Results (N/N = negative/normal)...what customers should insist upon seeing.