Breeding Responsibly 

December 8, 2019

                        OUR  GOALS...

We strive to bring to your home a healthy, well adjusted pet for the next 2 decades --  A beautiful kitten whose parents hold titles in international judging arenas:  verified conformationally correct, attractive, and of a temperament even strangers (judges) can handle.  Conformation is so important, for instance, are the teeth straight so food is digested correctly?  Are the legs straight (not cow hocked or pigeon toed) to avoid undue pressure on joints?  Is the tail flexible and long indicating spinal health?  Raised in a household to prepare your kitten in all ways for your home (vacuums, dogs, and the rythym of a busy household).    Most importantly, litters are carefully planned for health (tested for lethal genetic and contagious diseases).  And the Bonus A price point  ($950 - $1950) a bit above, sometimes below,  what other breeders offer in their cattery (no titles, not health screened, etc...).