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Socks & Buddy



Dob 12 May

Go Home 21 July'ish

This is a well rounded kitten out of health cleared show pedigrees cats.  Every once in a while you get the "it" kitten.  Her and her sister (whom we are keeping) are, I feel, the best I have ever produced.  The rounded out head and eyes.  Tightest of ears.  The "snooty nosed" doll face that is so desirable in the show ring -- and in real life just to plain enjoy looking at.  Her expression is pure sweetness.  From day one, the easiest temperament kittens we have ever had, so easy to handle and love.  Taking kittens pictures at THREE weeks is the worst they will look, she, if it is possible, will only get better.  She will have fluorescent copper eyes at maturity.