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Our Family (3 Homes)

PIPER & Buddy

Owned by JJ & Kalee

Dob May 3rd

24-31 May ear set

Home 12 July'sh

3 Golden Shaded Tabbies & 3 Silver Shaded/ Silver and Black Tabbies (brilliant contrast).  

Socks & Buddy

Owned by Jerry & Renee

Dob 12 May

Ear set 2-9 June

Home 21 Jul'ish

24 Titled cats in her Pedigree to include Grand Champions

2 Lilac Kittens

One possible Blue eye(s)

ChaI & Buddy

Owned by Amber& Jay

Dob 16 May

Ear set  6-13 June

Home 25 July'ish

7 Titles Pedigree Grand Champions. Lines include Rumfold and Kindly cats

1 Black Silver w/White

Buddy BSH

Owned by Amber & Jay

18 Titled cats in his Pedigree to include Grand Champions,

The Florescent Eye line.